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The chants grew louder as we sailed past the golden lit plumes of smoke. My eyes welled up in uncertainty, yet I was continuously reminded to shift my perspective. This isn’t mourning, this is a celebration of life.

"Here we embrace death, as it defines life. We bathe in and pray for Ganga Ma, for she washes away our sins and directs our reincarnation. Her waters give us hope that we can one day be liberated from this endless cycle of birth and death and attain Nirvana."

I arrived in India with a world of optimism and a shadow of lingering doubt. After leaving my job and moving back home, I had spent a year in the depths of recovery from ignoring my mental health. Travelling was always a dream, but a little voice would tell me I wasn't ready. I was tired of listening to it and wanted to experience life in a way that took me away from familiarity. India still unravels yet grounds every bit of my soul and being.

6000 x 4000 px | Ma Ganga Varanasi
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