In the fading darkness of twilight, a faint plume of smoke arose from the distant caldera of Mount Bromo. My soul sat quietly as the land began to awaken from its slumber. It was the first time in a while where I simply felt at peace.

The fragile dance between destruction and creation is something I hold close to my heart. While not as powerful as volcanic activity, it is in these moments of letting go where we allow new growth to flourish.

A few months previously, I had arrived home from my first solo backpacking trip to settle back into the life I had envisioned and built; the career, the partner and the house. As time passed, the faint call of my restless soul grew louder. I let go of control and embraced a world of the unknown, a world that very quickly felt like home.

''When volcanoes have calmed down, they have changed the face of the earth.''

4000 x 6000 px | Bromo Tengger Semeru NP Indonesia
15% to Community Development in East Java by Compassion First.