9 of Clubs ♣ Adversity

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9 of Clubs 'Adversity' by Andrea Reade

"The number 9 in numerology represents the near completion of a cycle; being at the face of adversity. It is about finding it within ourselves to be resilient, courageous & persistent on our journey through every setback, to shine our light through it all and share our divine wisdom to the world along the way. This number is about transformation & empowerment, reminding us to handle hardship with grace, like the woman embracing the 9 pieces of fabric wrapped around her representing an individual obstacle or challenge. She has fully surrendered & is ready for a new cycle ahead of her. Her pose along with the fabric looks like the shape of a club, or in Italian "flori" meaning flower."

Physical Collector's Edition Deck #27 included with the purchase.

A deck of cards where each card is individually designed by one of 55 selected international artists.

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