King of Spades ♠️ The Duality

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King of Spades 'The Duality' by Himanshu Arya

"Duality teaches us that every aspect of life is created from a balanced interaction of opposite and competing forces. Yet these forces are not just opposites; they are complementary. They do not cancel out each other, they merely balance each other like the dual wings of a bird. Unity is the truth. Separatism is an illusion. As long as society sees itself as separate — a series or collection of separate units — it lives in the illusion. All of life on your planet is built on separatism; based on "Duality". Start to recognize these dualities in your life and before reacting to them, reflect upon them and have gratitude for them."

Physical Collector's Edition Deck #06 included with the main purchase.

A deck of cards where each card is individually designed by one of 55 selected international artists.

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