The Mighty One!

Minted on Oct 16, 2021
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The age old Indian festival of Navaratri, is the celebration of victory of good over evil. It is the victory of the divine mother goddess and celebration of her sheer power and might.

Devi (goddess) was always considered as the most powerful one. In her absence even the mightiest of gods were considered impuissant.

In ancient India, women were seen as embodiments of Devi. Women were protected, not because they were weak, but because they were strong assets and integral to society.

This artwork is a symbolic representation of all aspects of womanhood, especially the fierce strength that is often dormant within them. This is dedicated to all the women as a reminder of their worth, value and the immense power they possess!


1/1 artwork
Made with love using 600 Rubik’s Cubes!
Physical size: 6 ft x 4 ft (approx.)
Weight: 70 kg (150 pounds, approx.)