Fluvial Reminiscence

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// നീലക്കായൽ തീരെ,
എന്നെ തഴുകി ഉറക്കിയ കാറ്റേ ..
എന്നോടിഷ്ടം കൊണ്ടോ .?
എന്റെ പാട്ടിനോടിഷ്ടം കൊണ്ടോ .?
നീ എന്നെ തഴുകി ഉറക്കി .. //

// Hey wind, my friend
Who lulled me to sleep by the shores of the deep blue lake..
Did you do it out of your love for me?
or out of love for my music? //

Thoughts, they turn to mellow pearl onions
Life, it pulls you geographies apart..
But, just like the calm water which blends all the elements in its vicinity,
Nature today blends my childhood nostalgia;

Congruous chords that stitch up the music,
Thoughtful brush strokes that colour the world,
Faces, they change..
Mediums, they change..
Seasons too;
But seldom doth the soul change. ..

The tale of a soulful curiosity ~

Original poem written, composed, and sung by Gowry Lekshmi
1/1 Original Oil Painting on Canvas by Nimmy Melvin
Size - 40" x 30"

Music produced by Ganesh Venkataramani
Content by Mahesh Krishnan