When your Face Analysis Model is too accurate.

Minted on Oct 24, 2021
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Ever had the feeling you are being watched. In most cases you are!

Arsalan is one individual to experience this. On December 8th 2020, he stumbled upon this angry fiend when using facial recognition software. The harrowing image garnered a lot of attention worldwide, receiving 74,000 reactions and 13,100 shares on Facebook alone.

Disclaimer: The owner of this NFT may experience hauntings or ghostly encounters. Therefore bid at your own risk.

Real Disclaimer: Arsalan was working on a project named ‘Face Analysis Model’. He got frustrated just after he completed the ‘Face Detection’ part, which was only 10–15% of the project. As he's good at Photoshop, he decided to make this creepy meme and share it with his circle, as well as other AI platforms on Facebook. From there it went viral.

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