Celestial Being 04

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Subject number 04 is from an old planet that started life in the furthest, darkest and coolest part of its solar system. The world lay dark and barren until it got caught in an enormous asteroid shower. The asteroid strikes pushed the planet into the Goldilocks zone of its sun and deposited large amounts of water onto the surface creating conditions for life to emerge beneath the water. Celestial Being 04 is one of the many life forms that evolved on the planet. The being lives in water but can also live on land for short periods, though dry land is at a premium because of the enormous volume of water on the world except for a few mountain peaks above the surface. The creature is omnivorous and eats a type of seaweed that grows in the shallows which it sucks on. Their lives are very localized as there food only grows in high light on rocks. It lives in a community similar to that of a seal, spending large parts of its day lounging, socializing and looking after young.