A MetaDodo

Minted on Dec 9, 2021
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The <A MetaDodo> project is my first experiment that combines non-material NFTs with works that exist in the physical world. In this video, I am drawing a dodo bird.
Now this image has become an NFT and will exist forever in the non-physical world. And the painting completed through this process will be sent to the owner of the NFT along with the warranty. It can be said that this project is a genre of metafiction that raises a topic about the relationship between fiction and reality.

About Project : www.birdcage.me/metadodo

00:03:15 + Sound, 1920X1080px 29.97fps, H.264, 2021

*The final successful bidder must send me the address to receive the physical (work in the video) via DM via Twitter. (twitter.com/Dodo_Seeker) Overseas delivery is also possible, and I will pay the shipping cost.

*After the auction is over, I will personally record the metadata of NFT on the back of the physical in addition to the specifications and handwritten signature of the work.