Nakano Takeko

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Nakano Takeko is one of the last female samurai to prove her talent and prowess in martial arts at a young age.

Besides the martial arts, she received rigorous training in the literary arts with a focus on Chinese Confucian classics and calligraphy. She loved to read many stories of Japanese female warriors and empresses. But most of all, the legend of Tomoe Gozen impressed her deeply.

Nakano Takeko formed a female samurai unit called the Jōshitai (girl army). She passed on the knowledge she gained by teaching young students to new generations.

She was wounded in the chest in a battle in which she participated with great courage and dexterity. Unfortunately, she died at the age of 21 in this fierce battle that even the most talented Onna-bugeisha could not survive.

Nakano Takeko is considered the last great female samurai warrior. She is remembered as one of the last Onna-bugeishas in Japanese history.

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