baby born in the back of an uber (TWITTER_EDTN)

baby born in the back of an uber (TWITTER_EDTN)

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On March 30, 2015, at 5:52am, David Horvitz caught his daughter, Ela Melanie, as she was being born, in the back of an Uber driving through Midtown Manhattan. He held her up in the morning light as the car drove down Park Ave., blocks away from the Museum of Modern Art, where Zanna, the mother, worked. After arriving at the hospital, Horvitz tweeted a photo and e-mailed his friends.

(Baby born in the back of an Uber is a Retroactive Readymade. It takes the form of a viral birth event happening channeled through the (un)shared economy and media publicity. It is: Mass Media art, Internet art, Application art, Performance art, Life art. It is an ephemeral work that only exists through its documentation and communication: in the network of online news, daily tabloids, art blogs, tweeted photographs, and personal emails. The NFTs are each of these documentations.)

((This edition is the Tweet posted on March 30, 2015 from David Horvitz.))



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