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Simple signs of protest are often the most powerful. In the case of the reversal of Roe, placing the language of dissent on her actual body, a body she lost the right to govern just a few weeks before this protest in D.C., carries a more powerful message. On June 24th, six elitist Christian fundamentalists placed on SCOTUS by presidents who lost the majority popular vote, enforced the whims of the wealthy and fanatical minority and removed our rights as women to control our bodies. The devastating impact of this ruling will destroy lives and communities for decades to come.

75% of the proceeds from this sale go to the ChoiceDAO through a smart contract split. ChoiceDAO is raising money to support organizations protecting women’s rights. Remaining proceeds will be used to cover future protests and cover gas fees to mint more fund-raising NFTs.

Image created on July 9th, 2022

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