None Of This Is Real Anyways

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loneliness crept in slowly
until it hurt to breathe
none of this is real anyways
so why did it hurt so much when you left?
fuck pills i fucking hate pills

i sold my body for loose change and some validation
only to realize too late that i had sold my soul too.
i lost myself in some latenightsgoodtimes&intoxication
but nights end
highs crash
and you forget that i matter
i'm not the fighting type,
and you knew that,
and you used me.

the eyes are always watching.
i'm broken but at least i'm shiny right?

i miss you.

i wake up and stare at a blank canvas...
i should paint
but why bother making art for a world that’s blind

do you miss me?
or just the idea of me

who feels for the girl who isn’t
allowed to feel?

i smoke
but once the haze leaves my lungs

the pain always comes back
so i choose to be numb

none of this is real anyways.

  • A (2020)

Mixed Media on Canvas (12" x 12")
Original painting is optionally redeemable with NFT.