pənʌmbrə /3

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This series takes one step into the shadow of obscurity, to gaze through the looking glass of our reality. A reflection of the world around us, seen through the other side of our dimensional perspective. Penumbra explores the journey of wayward astral travels, experiencing glimpses of the familiar from unfamiliar perspectives.

"pənʌmbrə /3" is the first mint of this series.

Process & Medium: (Mixed media, AI, Photoshop)
Developed with a highly unique elemental process involving the blending of the artist's own Oil Paintings, Photography, Found textures, and Sketchbook studies combined with AI, and finally digitally compositing with Photoshop and other tools.

/pəˈnʌmbrə/ or puh-NUM-bruh
A partial shadow surrounding the complete shadow cast by an object, where only a portion of the light source is obscured by the object, resulting in a partial or incomplete shadow. A state of partial illumination or obscurity.