The medicals: Telesphorus

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"Named after the child god of recovery in Greek mythology, the work brings medical imaging into blue skies and meditative ripple movement. A moving image of medicine, arts, magic, and healing states a connection between the body's anatomy and stories that survive through the centuries, between mortality and the divine. It belongs to a wider body of medical imaging animation works, but each stands individually. The work deals with ruptures in common dualities."

Born in Crete, Greece, in 1981, in Athens, she studied Sociology (BSc), and Cultural Management (MSc) at the Departments of Sociology and Media & Communication, respectively, both in Panteion University for Social & Political Science. She works across disciplines and lives between Zurich and Athens. Since 2015 she has been involved in art education as a research associate at Zurich University of the Arts. Since 2010 she has published five books (fiction, artist books) in Athens, Zürich & Berlin.