Minted on Jul 25, 2021
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Night has long fallen on the ghost town of Pripyat. In the distance you can hear the wild dogs barking and from the nearby bank of the river of the same name you can hear the croaking of frogs. I am standing in front of the former excursion restaurant "Cafe Pripyat" with its beautiful stained glass windows and detailed Sovjet mural. Back then you got the best ice cream in town here.

During my exposure I realize that I am standing completely alone in a city which was inhabited by almost 50,000 people until April 25, 1986. I am not afraid, I enjoy with humility. For despite all the terrible events that have happened here, it is now an oasis for nature. Impressive how quickly it recovers when we leave it alone.

I realize how much I like being here and how much peace I find here. The exclusion zone is like my second home and I hope to come back soon.