and she wore this dress

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A romantic thought

An old couple re-enters the place where they once had their first date after decades.

Back then it was the highlight of the month when the live band played, in the otherwise dreary everyday life of communist Romania.
They remember their first dance and how their enamored gazes met again and again. She wore this wonderful dress and he his best suit.

Today, communism is history, but the old ballroom had also become obsolete.
Gently, he takes her hand, trembling, and pulls her onto the old floorboards of the dance floor. He looks deep into her eyes, humming her favorite song from back then, and begins to dance with her.
"Old she's gotten, but she's still just as beautiful as she was back then," he thinks to himself as they snuggle closer and closer, reminiscing about the old days in the pale light of the milky windows.

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