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Like a Virgin – Red iron / .glb 3d file.
This NFT is an unique piece.
The first owner of this piece will be rewarded with a "Like a Virgin" statue, representing the 8th Cardinal Sin.
It's an unique piece, different from the NFT, realized together with Precious Plastic Torino with 100% recycled plastic.
To receive more info or communicate your address please contact me on twitter: @alexdaquila.

All the owners, in the secondary market also, will receive an Airdrop of a BLIND PASS, a secret ticket (while stocks last, 100 pieces available).
All the benefits of this one will be communicated on Twitter and Discord official channel.

"Let’s enjoy our sins, let’s dive in our lives for perfect sinners, but let’s seek forgiveness for our biggest trespass and let’s clean up the mess we have made.
We can accept our vices, bask in our mistakes, put a like on our faults, reset our conscience.
As long as we open our eyes on what, now, is more important than anyone of us: our planet".