Roudra Bheeman - Kathakali #001

Minted on Aug 17, 2021
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Kathakali, the highly stylized traditional Indian dance drama is known for its beautiful character makeup, rich costumes and precise body motions performed in sync with the anchor playback music and accompanying percussions. Over time, it has evolved from its 17th-century origins in Kerala to its current condition today.

As part of the Duryodhanavadham Kathakali, a character named "Bheeman" in rage or "Roudra bhavam" is portrayed here. The character with this bhavam is commonly recognised as "Roudra Bheeman," which translates to "ferocious Bheem." The reddish hues in the makeup signify "Roudra bhavam." I took this photograph when the artist was doing facial makeup before the performance.

This is the first image in the "Kathakali" 1/1 series.