The Shit Day Vase

Minted on Jan 26, 2022
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The Rules: Make art with only what would be available after the apocalypse. #ApocalypsePots

A vase for those days! The fucking shit days, the low days, the hard days, the days when you need to make your world just a little bit brighter. She's got you!

Unfired raw earth vessel made with grey mud collected from under mangrove tress at low tide. Unruly salty sea earth. An Ephemeral work that disappeared back to the sea after this shot was taken. It existed for this beautiful, transient moment and then it was gone, I hope it made you smile.

My work is deeply of it's place, made of the wild untamed places. I want my pieces to ask the viewer to question how they see their own environment and to see the beauty in the dirt under their feet.


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