In Perfect Harmony

Minted on Sep 13, 2021
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Sometimes the most perfect moments are unexpected. They're a product of luck mixed with timing and determination. This moment existed because so many tiny moments were stitched together in perfect harmony.

For this sunset, I forgot my tripod and had to detour to a store along the way. The selection wasn’t great, but it would do the trick. I met up with a friend for this sunset. We had met in the Olympics a week prior and made plans to meet again somewhere close to home. As the sky set on fire, we cooked a meal and laughed as we shared stories while dodging the million mosquitoes that encroached upon our territory. We camped under the stars and woke up to a beautiful sunrise.

As much as I love the photos, I live for the experiences more than anything. The friendships I’ve made along the way, the smiles under the sunsets, and the memories in the back country are what it’s all about. This photo is more than a beautiful scene, it’s a moment I hope to never forget.