A New Beginning

Minted on Aug 28, 2021
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While capturing this moment was over in an instant, the path leading me here took a lifetime.

Every experience, every adventure, every heartbreak, every interaction, every laugh, they all brought me here - teaching me some of life’s most invaluable lessons: strength, hope, compassion, love, tenacity, and kindness. These teachings and experiences make up the imperfect me, who is also perfectly me.

This is the start to my new beginning.

You not only get to hold something so precious to me, but you get to be a part of this next chapter; a book that is yet to be written. You’re the co-author!

This will launch my dream of building out a van for travel, streaming, and photography. You get to help design it, be a part of planning the first adventure, and receive a specially minted photo.

I want to make this extra special and help others.
25% will go back into the community to support artists.
10% will go to a charity for victims of abuse.

More info at www.vieparlafoi.com/genesis