Outpost 06: Ark

Minted on Mar 19, 2022
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Planet Ark, a name which is still disputed between the original colony and the new arrivals, is a terrestrial planet in a fairly small solar system with ten other planets in the constellation of Canis Minor. Ark is about the size of Earth and its gravity is about 0.8 times that of Earth.

5 moons orbit the planet and Ark itself orbits a red sun in a circular orbit.

The planet is made up of 12 large continents, which make up 80% of the planet's landmass and is mainly an industrial planet with massive resources of gas and helium turning this planet into one large refueling station for all Canis Minor constellation interplanetary traffic.

The conditions on this planet have unfortunately only given birth to microorganisms. While many do show great promise of evolving into higher species, it will still take thousands of years before we'll even be able to see the very first baby steps of evolution into new species.

Star: Procyon
Distance: 11.46 ly;

Artwork Date: March 2022