Menstruation Machine

Minted on Feb 25, 2022
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Menstruation Machine explores the relationship between identity, biology, and choice, while also inquiring into the meaning of gender-specific rituals. The metal device, which is equipped with a blood-dispensing system and electrodes that stimulate the lower abdomen, replicates the pain and bleeding of the average five-day menstruation period. It is designed to be worn by biological men, postmenopausal women, or whoever else wants to experience menstruation.

More information is on the artist's website.

1/1, accompanied with Full HD 1920 x 1080 Video, a photo print panel (h91.4cm x w72.8cm), and the physical menstruation machine.

Selected Exhibitions

2010 Transformation - Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
2011 Talk to Me - MoMA NY
2014 Design and Violence - MoMA NY
2016 GLOBALE: New Sensorium – The ZKM Center for Art and Media, Germany
2017 Japanorama - Centre Pompidou-Metz, France
2019 Broken Nature - Milan International Design Triennial