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Bitchcoin: Genesis Images are Sarah Meyohas's fine art documentation of the original Bitchcoin mine at Where, a gallery in Brooklyn, New York, in February of 2015.

Meyohas transformed the Where gallery into a cryptocurrency mine, viewable through a live-streamed webcam. Coin buyers received a certificate with key number encryption allowing them access to the BitchCoin software program. Through this custom platform, currency could be sent and received.

"Our operations test the assertion that art manifests the same patterns, behaviors, and properties present in all complex informational systems. Acknowledging the powers and perils of systems-based thinking, we suspect that the mechanisms identified as producing growth and complexity in large-scale systems may be directly applicable to the field of artistic production. We use the exhibition format as a site for researching these mechanisms." - Where

Where is a gallery and on-demand publishing project headquartered in a 40-foot shipping container in Brooklyn, New York. Where is produced by the writer Lucy Hunter and the artist R. Lyon.