Elemental Flows | Sun

Minted on Aug 23, 2021
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Type: Generative Art + Data
Edition: 1/1 from a collection of 4 + 1
Size: 3000x3000
Data source: Annual sunshine duration
Created: 2021

The Sun's fiery rays radiating outward, slowly engulfing the scene in their warmth, are reflected by hidden surfaces. Through countless reflections of the light the full shapes are revealed, representing the average yearly hours of sunshine for ±40 capital cities spread around the world, including the capitals of the 10 most populous countries.

This piece is part of a collection of 4 + 1, revealing data about some of the most important elements that we humans (now) need to live; Earth, Water, Air, Sun + Digital. They all stem from the same underlying algorithm. However, each piece is differently fine-tuned to form a representation of their element.

Any owner of a data-inspired work, such as this one, can request a full explanation of how data was used in its creation, if they wish to know.