Elemental Flows | Air

Minted on Aug 23, 2021
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Type: Generative Art + Data
Edition: 1/1 from a collection of 4 + 1
Size: 3000x3000
Data source: Average air quality in PM2.5 concentration
Created: 2021

Gusts of wind roll across the surface, curling around obstacles representing data about the average air quality of ±35 capital cities spread around the world.

This piece is part of a collection of 4 + 1, revealing data about some of the most important elements that we humans (now) need to live; Earth, Water, Air, Sun + Digital. They all stem from the same underlying algorithm. However, each piece is differently fine-tuned to form a representation of their element.

Any owner of a data-inspired work, such as this one, can request a full explanation of how data was used in its creation, if they wish to know.