Arash The Archer

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Arash the Archer is a heroic archer-figure of Iranian mythology. As a warrior of King Manuchehr (the legendary king of Ancient Persia) who was referred to as the last king of the Age of Gods in West Asia. he brought an end to the war between Persia and Turan that had spanned for 60 years. The brave warrior of salvation, who bestowed peace and tranquility to the people of both countries. He accomplished the great feat of saving thousands of people during the battle.

According to Persian folklore, the boundary between Iran and Turan was set by an arrow launched by Arash, after he put his own life in the arrow's launch. The arrow was traveling for days before finally landing on the other side of the Oxus on the bark of a walnut tree hundreds of miles away from the original launch site atop a mountain.

In this piece, I have placed the mouse pointer instead of the arrow, this story means that now the borders can be moved by a mouse pointer.