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I am really excited for the upcoming release of the new Matrix film which is out soon in December 2021 (birthday treat for me I think!) and it has made me realise how influential the original film was on me all those years ago in terms of inspiration and how suddenly what was once seemed science-fiction is now (in the growing metaverse vibe) a science-reality. We are plugging into a new dimensional experience that is expanding at a compound rate with the potentials for creative upgrade seemingly reinventing itself daily. And it wasn't really that long ago that we had dial up modems for the internet.

My doodles definitely reference unconsciously the themes from The Matrix with the characters able to plug into the space around them and into each other. It also strikes me in the film that The Machines had an organic construct vibe about them which struck me as ironic. I love how the organics and the mechanics in my art as well as the real world are colliding and producing new life.


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