"Âmes sœurs" Soulmates (Ludovic Baron, 2022)

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The nft photograph "Âmes sœurs" (Soulmates) created by French art photographer Ludovic Baron, was dramatically unveiled on the Eiffel Tower in May 2022. This nft is unique and signed in the center of the work.

Inspired by the famous painting "The Romans in Their Decadence" by Thomas Couture (1847), the "Âmes sœurs" (Soulmates) art photograph sends a positive message about inclusion. For his first nft, artist Ludovic Baron photographed many personalities of different morphologies, ethnicities and genders whose self-confidence exemplifies the message that everyone should accept themselves as they are. With many hidden symbols, this nft photo reflects a modern vision of our world and the power of self-acceptance and diversity.

For the first sale, a series of gifts will be offered to the buyer. See conditions on the official website https://www.ludovicbaron.fr/soulmates-nft-auction