Izara the Untamed

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A woman is a force of nature. Your spirit is free and wild. You know nothing of borders and care not for rules or customs that promote injustice or confinement. The dragon within you is life-giving, protector of freedom, of everything good in life. You are a power to be reckoned with if they hurt that which you love and value.

They often mistake your gentleness for weakness until they discover the ancient and raw power within you.

You might seem mad to some, but you’ll never be convenient. The tears in your eyes will turn into fire. You can bear a child and swing a sword to protect hope and freedom.
You are not alone. You have legions of ancestors backing you up. A plethora of wisdom and resources are at your disposal.
You, your ancestors, and everything you represent are sacred. And when they learn to treat you as such, we shall all thrive as we were always meant to.