The Heart Of Gaia

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The eternal silence was interrupted by a deep rumble.
Thump thump thump!
Out of Chaos, four elements sprang into existence: fire, water, air, and earth all merged and formed Gaia, the first Mother.
She moulded mountains, created forests, and filled the rivers with her blood. Titans, Gods and Goddesses, and everything that breathes are her children.

She rebelled against cruel rulers, to protect what’s meant to live.
In stillness, she feels our knees pressed against her chest. Our hearts beat in unison with hers. Rays of sunlight illuminate her creations, igniting dreams that inspire.

But the shire is burning. Can you hear the roar?
Beneath the stars, we walk upon the same path as our ancestors. Will our descendants walk these lands before Gaia rebels against ungoverned rulers?

  • I would like to give special thanks to my dear friend Otto Kind for the incredible music that he composed for Gaia. He is a masterful and gifted artist that has captured her essence in a majestic way.
    Thank you wholeheartedly, Otto.