Shroom Hop 1/1 OG EDITION

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It's 2073, 100 years after the birth of Hip Hop.

A post-apocalyptic downtown is deserted.

Like a MIRAGE, an ancient ghost TV plays music videos from a forgotten time.

After listening for several loops, you make your way towards the intergalactic dispensary.

The dispensary is a run-down shack, but it's still standing after all these years.

The owner is a grizzled old man who looks like he's seen better days. He has a few items left in stock, but nothing of interest to you.

You thank him for his time and head back into the wasteland.

Created using AI, After Effects, Photoshop, Cubase 11 Pro
All Artwork and Music - KUSH

This is the #001 first ever minted 1/1 of this Artwork. Just like a Test Pressing, there will never be another #001 of this anywhere but the blockchain. There may be other limited editions offered in the future but this remains the original minted piece.