Beauty in DeFi – REKT

Minted on Sep 11, 2021
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Rekt is a phonetic reimagining of the word, wrecked. Being rekt does not necessarily mean that a loss has been made, as there is always prevailing hope that the fallen value of a crypto asset shall rise again to a new ATH.

This artwork is an homage to the perseverance and optimism of those who have been rekt - by the market or by life itself. Be it rekt by circumstances or the mistakes that one makes, it is all part of the journey to a greater ascension of one’s being. In this artwork, we see a ship caught amid a tussle with the waves. The water seems to overpower the vessel but it stays afloat, with colourful sails soaring and a mast pointing to the unconquerable celestial heavens. The tossing and turning of the waves may wreck the ship, but persistence shall get it through. Only so that it may sail atop the oceans once again.

Beauty in Diversity and DeFi !