Patience & Grace

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In March 2020, my life’s work vanished overnight. By May, every moment not spent on #SaveOurStages was poured into photography.

This lake became my safehaven - a quiet place away from the world and all its chaos. Somewhere I could find Grace.

But one shot eluded me. Hours of research and planning had brought me to one moment of perfect alignment - with clouds blocking the view. Orbital trajectories and brief trips are a fickle beast, so I waited a year.

May 2021 was full of hope. A nervous world was beginning to reopen, and my livelihood teetered on the brink of returning. I went back to the lake. It rained.

Now, May 2022. Over 150 shows later. Life is back in full swing; I hadn’t worked on a landscape in eight months. It was raining at the lake. Again. But the rain stopped. Clouds remained, but I waited. The clouds cleared - mostly. After much Patience, I finally got the shot.

~ Dedicated to Taylor Hawkins.
I hope through the Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, he's found “Home”.