Matchbox 04: Tiger Tail Seahorse

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The tiger tail seahorse, named for its striped tail, inhabits the coastlines of Southeast Asian countries and the Andaman Islands of India. It is a wonder of nature - a monogamous horse-headed fish known for its child-bearing males.

In Asia, its association with sea dragons makes it a symbol of luck and power; its armour-like exoskeleton that protects its delicate organs makes it a symbol of protection. Some believe that one’s health and internal organs can be protected by consuming seahorses, others believe wearing or carrying dried seahorses can serve as an amulet of protection or luck.

In an attempt to harness these powers, it has become one of the most commonly traded species of seahorse in the traditional medicine and aquarium trade.

Scientific Name: Hippocampus comes
Local Name (Dialect): अश्वमीन / aśvamīna (Hindi)
Location: India; Indonesia; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; Vietnam