As he edges nearer to the drop, waves of nausea consume him. The rock is wet and slippery. A slip could be disastrous, a fall fatal. The wind whips around him, gusting and threatening to sweep him off his feet. He edges nearer. Feeling dizzy "am I close?" he reply barely audible for the echo that reverberates around the rock walls. "Nearly, you're doing fine...". Weakness in his legs consumes him...and moments before he drops to his knees in fear, 'click' the shutter is pressed and the moment is immortalised forever.

Shot from the summit of Tryfan, one of the iconic mountains of Wales, this remains one of my most emotive images for many reasons. A good friend trusting his life in my assurance that he'll 'be fine'. Thankfully we came off the mountain that day with nothing but smiles and great memories.

Image remastered for this 1/1 NFT