The Circle Of Spirit

The Circle Of Spirit

Minted on Aug 1, 2021
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This image is called The Circle of Spirit.
It was inspired by the flames I was staring at during my meditation. Inside the flame, I saw that there was another a flame, in another flame, in another flame. In a flame, there are many layers of flames, just like in our human mind. If we look deeply, we will know that there is more hidden. There are more complex details than what we see or feel. The complexity is so profound and has no end.

This image was sketched with a pencil, then details were added on an iPad, before more detailed overlapping sketches were made. Finally, outlines and other details were added line by line, little by little, meticulously.
I spent 7 full days creating this image despite my weary eyes and fatigued body. However, my mind was filled with a burning fire with the thrill of seeing this work accomplished perfectly.
I would like to encourage you to pay close attention to each and every detail of this image as there are secrets hidden inside.



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