Agustin Guzman

Minted on Mar 26, 2022
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It is time to transform from the inside out, from our creative souls into the world we can all inspire.

Felix Pinchi Aguirre has created this tribute painting for Agustin Guzman. 25 years ago Agustin began researching and experimenting with the medicinal properties of the plant wrongly named by Catholics as San Pedro. Its native name is Wachuma or Huachuma, also known as Achuma, Aguacolla. It's scientific name is “Echinopsis Pachanoi” or “Trichocereus Pachanoi”. This cactus grows in the Andes, in Southern Ecuador, in Peru and Bolivia and belongs to the same family as Peyote. Its main chemical component is mescaline. "Throughout the years I have discovered it is the best anti-depressive, thus I dare to say we can cure the epidemic of this millenium which is stress." -Agustin Guzman

Artists like Felix are sharing messages of our collective healing potential from across the world. The jungles of Peru sing the song of the new world through the brushstrokes of this incredible masterpiece.