Kawaii girls collection #1 『Gasmask Gyaru』

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Do you know “Gyaru”?
Gyaru is a Japanese fashion subculture, a transliteration of the English slang word gal, young girls(specially teen girls) who express their own ways of fashion and lifestyle.☺️
There’s a Gyarus motto “他人ウケより自分ウケ” in literal translation “self reputation rather than other people’s criticism”.
Wearing what you like and simply liking what you like is all what matters to be Gyaru, which is not easy in Japan. In good and bad terms Japanese people care about reputations.

I used to be a Gyaru and I’m now an Otaku. Being proud of what you like is something common in Gyaru and Otaku. It's something I don’t want to forget as an artist. I want to make artworks of my own and have fun expressing the things I like.

If you like my artwork please collect and add them to your kawaii collection and express your own likes like Gyaru.
This is my first nft art of Japanese Gyaru series under “Kawaii girls collection”.
Thank you for your support.